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Grøntkontor.dk has been started from a desire to contribute to a sustainable planet with responsibility towards its inhabitants.

We would like to participate in replacing unsightly, polluting PVC products, etc., produced under questionable conditions, with solid and well-designed products made from climate-friendly materials with a high degree of social responsibility.

We particularly emphasize that our products:

  • in their manufacturing process, materials, and transportation, have the least possible impact on our strained planet,
  • are produced under decent and secure conditions with well-paid labor,
  • are functionally and aesthetically well-designed,
  • in terms of price, can match environmentally damaging products as much as possible.

The perfect product would consist of 100% sustainable materials, produced without fossil energy consumption by Third World labor with wages equivalent to European ones, brought to the country and further to our customers using solar- or wind-powered transportation. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find that exact product 🙂 In the real world, it’s necessary to compromise a bit. The products at grøntkontor.dk are selected based on a pragmatic principle of maximizing sustainability compared to traditional products. Learn more about our criteria for product sustainability.

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