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About grontkontor.dk

Grøntkontor.dk is based on a desire to contribute to a sustainable planet with responsibility towards its residents.

We would like to contribute to the replacement of polluting PVC products and the like produced under dubious conditions to solid and well-designed products, produced from sustainable materials with a high degree of social responsibility.

We especially emphasize that our products

  • in the manufacturing process, materials and transport, are straining our planet as little as possible
  • are produced under decent and reassuring conditions with well-paid labor
  • are functional and aesthetically well-designed
  • as far as possible, can match corresponding environmentally harmful products

The completely ideal product would consist of 100% sustainable materials, produced without fossil energy consumption by 3. World labor with salaries equivalent to European, brought to the country and to our customers with solar or wind-powered means of transport.

Unfortunately, this product we have not been able to find 🙂 In the real world it is necessary to compromise a little. The products on grontkontor.dk have been selected on the basis of a pragmatic principle of choosing the most sustainable product compared to traditional products. Read more about our criteria for product sustainability