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Environmentally friendly, splint-free, and recyclable plates made of sugarcane-based bioplastic. With more than 80% reduced carbon footprint compared to similar products made of conventional plastic.

The plates are both lightweight and sturdy, making them ideal for outdoor use, camping, hiking, or as reusable festival plates.

Unlike ordinary bioplastic, the plate is both recyclable and suitable for dishwasher, freezer, and microwave, and can withstand temperatures from -40°C to +100°C. Particularly good for use in large kitchens or canteens.

Available in sizes Ø 17.5, Ø 23.5, and Ø 25.

The plates are Approved for food contact and 100% BPA free. .

The plates are made in the EU and can be delivered with logo printing or engraving.

Fremstillet i EU



Width:18 – 25 cm
Height:2 – 5 cm
Weight:0,114 – 0,157 kg
Length:18 – 25 cm

Dkr. 25,-kr. 43,- ekskl. moms

Normal delivery time:5-12 work days

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