Keyhanger in cork

Sustainable keyhanger w / u print

  • Keyhanger i bæredygtig kork
  • kork-keyhanger-flad-med-oesken-02

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Sustainable cork keyhanger with black or chromed metal case.

A super environmentally friendly alternative to the well-known keyhangers in polluting and CO2-stressing polyester, made from sheer natural materials with minimum metal consumption.

Cork is a highly sustainable material that is both renewable, reusable and compostable. Cork can be harvested every year on the same tree, making it a practically inexhaustible resource.

Keyhanger i bæredygtig kork


  • SKU: kh534-001
  • Length: 90 cm cm
  • Width: 2 cm cm
  • Weight: 0,020 kg
Keyhanger i bæredygtig kork


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