Biodegradable paper cup 8 oz customized

Sustainable paper cups 100% natural material

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Environmentally friendly paper cup made from FSC-certified paper, covered with bioplastic made out of corn (PLA). All material is 100% compostable. The cups are double-walled and therefore particularly suitable for hot drinks. Approved for the purpose.
Produced in the EU.
NOTE: The price is – unlike most other places – EVERYTHING included: Startup, tax and logo printing in 4 colors. You choose which “flat” design, we’ll do the rest. We also apply FSC certificate logo at no extra charge.
Superb quality, super cheap and sustainable.

Bæredygtigt papkrus i FSC certificeret pap og bioplast


  • SKU: pk108-002-23DW-bio
  • Length: 6,25 cm
  • Width: 6,25 cm
  • Height: 6 cm
  • Weight: 0,011 kg
Bæredygtigt papkrus i FSC certificeret pap og bioplast


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