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Climate-friendly mug, 350 ml, with band made of sustainable natural cork to protect against heat. The glass is made of high-quality borosilicate glass that offers high strength and durability. Mugs have a long life and can be reused countless times. Silicone safety cover with dispenser and easy opening. Supplied in individual box.

The mug is Approved for food contact and 100% BPA free.

Ask for a quotation for printing or laser engraving at jens@grontkontor.dk


Glass is a sustainable recyclable material that is made from true recycled glass waste. Large amounts of energy are consumed for both manufacturing and recycling, so the degree of sustainability depends on the energy source in the manufacturing process. Glass does not pollute when disposed. Cork is an extremely climate-friendly, biodegradable and compostable natural material that originates from cork oak. Cork is a rapidly regenerating resource that can be harvested every year from the same tree.


Width:9 cm
Height:12.8 cm
Weight:0,313 kg

Dkr. 76,- ekskl. moms

1-2 3-9 10-24 25-49 50-99 100-499 500-2499 2500+
kr. 76.00 kr. 68.40 kr. 64.60 kr. 57.00 kr. 53.20 kr. 49.40 kr. 47.12 kr. 44.08

    Trykareal max. 30 x 20 mm

    Trykareal max. 25 x 20 mm

Normal delivery time:1-2 working days

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