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Cardboard cups made of 100% natural materials. The mugs are made from FSC certified paper, coated with bioplastics (PLA), made from corn. All material is 100% compostable. The mugs are single-walled and thus particularly suitable for cold drinks. A climate and environmentally friendly product, manufactured in the EU and approved for this purpose.

NOTE: The price is incl. start-up, packaging tax and logo printing in 4 colors. You just make the “flat” designs and we’ll do the rest. We are happy to put the FSC certificate logo free of charge.

Superb quality, super cheap and sustainable – win win win.

Disposal: Although the cups are 100% biodegradable, we recommend the cups be disposed of as combustible waste. In this way, they are part of the natural cycle in the most environmentally friendly way. The CO2 generated by combustion corresponds to the CO2 that the biomass in the cup has extracted from the atmosphere.



Width:9 cm
Height:11 cm
Weight:0,0107 kg

Dkr. 2.85 ekskl. moms

Normal delivery time:10-20 work days

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