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Exclusive and rustic organizer / pen tray in environmentally friendly concrete, ideal for mobile, A4 documents, pens, gadgets and trinkets such as staples, pins and the like. A climate-friendly product made of concrete.
Concrete is distinguished by being a practically inexhaustible resource, which is almost indestructible. There is no contamination from the product during responsible disposal. On the downside, there is relatively high energy consumption associated with production.
Can be delivered with print or laser engraving.


Width:24 cm
Height:3 cm
Weight:2,18 kg
Length:35 cm

DKK 185,- ekskl. moms

1-2 3-9 10-24 25-49 50-99 100-499 500-2499 2500+
DKK 185.00 DKK 166.50 DKK 157.25 DKK 138.75 DKK 129.50 DKK 120.25 DKK 114.70 DKK 107.30
Normal delivery time:1-2 work days

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