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Eco-friendly vegan brush head in durable beechwood veneer. The brush head can be unscrewed on and off the handle, making it easy to replace the brush so that the handle can be reused. This makes the dishwashing brush a good climate-friendly choice. The bristles are made of 100% plant-based tampico fibers, which are extracted primarily from the agave plant.

The product is produced in the EU using green energy sources.

The FSC certification ensures replanting of forests, protection of animal and plant life and ensuring good pay and working conditions.


Fremstillet i EU FSC-certificeret


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Width:30 cm
Height:5.2 cm
Weight:0.030 kg
Length:5.2 cm

Dkr. 58,- ekskl. moms

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kr. 58.00 kr. 52.20 kr. 49.30 kr. 43.50 kr. 40.60 kr. 37.70 kr. 35.96 kr. 33.64
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